Portsmouth is a unique island city, home to world-class cultural heritage with an incredibly strong sense of pride and community spirit.


What we do

  • We are tenacious, opportunistic and agile in our approach to support Portsmouth’s creativity and communities.
  • We recognise ideas, explore possibilities and champion Portsmouth’s creativity in all shapes and sizes.
  • We work with, for and in communities, co-creating across Portsmouth to animate spaces and support creative growth
  • We will work in collaboration with city stakeholder to put Portsmouth on the map for its creativity, communities and thriving visitor and creative economy


How we do it

  • We enable and support the creative and cultural sector in Portsmouth to create spaces and platforms to showcase creativity. Using it as a platform to address inequalities, – We Shine, We Create Market, Audio Trails, use of meanwhile spaces and artists website directory
  • Working and collaborating across sectors including health, children and young people, and people living with disability and difficulty, enabling access to culture for all and using creativity as a catalyst for positive change and impact
  • Connecting to tackle challenges and inequalities affecting Portsmouth’s communities including crime reduction, literacy, social prescription and economic development through creativity
  • Partnering, commissioning and co-creating locally, nationally and internationally
  • Supporting the creative and cultural sector to develop skills and building capacity, enabling them to thrive and grow, through the provision of upskilling


Why we do it

  • Portsmouth is a city of opportunity and creativity; it is a city of history it is also a city of challenge.
  • In 2019 the creative industries were worth £11 billion per annum to the UK which is more than air, space and life sciences, oil and gas combined and culture is good for business. Portsmouth’s visitor economy is worth £600 million per annum supporting 13,000 jobs and more than 550 companies in Portsmouth work in the creative industries.
  • At Portsmouth Creates we believe success of the cultural industries in Portsmouth is success and growth of the wider city.

Volunteer Directors

Portsmouth Creates is a CIC (Community Interest Company) registered in England and Wales, number 12367811.

To find out how you could support Portsmouth Creates email info@portsmouthcreates.co.uk.