Portsmouth Creates is actively driving growth and development across the creative and cultural sector in Portsmouth.  Since launching its new strategic vision, Portsmouth Creates has made significant strides in providing essential support services tailored to meet the evolving needs of Portsmouth’s Creative industry.

In under a year Portsmouth Creates has:

  • Hosted a series of successful development events with over 1500 attendees. Events include joint funding workshops with Arts Council England and networking sessions covering diverse topics from marketing to exploring the need for creative spaces.
  • Supported multiple of individuals and organisations with tailored one-to-one advice on funding, marketing, and business support enabling their growth.
  • Attracted over 9,000 views to portsmouthcreativedirectory.co.uk leading to tangible commissions for featured creatives.

Portsmouth Creates offers a comprehensive suite of support services aimed at building the resilience of the creative and cultural sector. From targeted business assistance to networking opportunities, Portsmouth Creates is dedicated to elevating both the profile and capacity of Portsmouth’s creative community.

“Our mission at Portsmouth Creates is to champion and advocate the invaluable contribution that the creative sector brings to Portsmouth’s economic landscape,” said Gemma Nichols CEO at Portsmouth Creates. “Through our revised strategy and commitment to Arts Council England, we strive to ensure that the creative and cultural sectors are not only recognised but are part of the fabric of Portsmouth’s business community. In order to support this delivery, it is key for us to understand the challenges that some of the sector faces, therefore constant consultation and engagement through events and networking is essential for us to identify where we can support. Since we started to deliver our revised strategy at the beginning of the year, I am so pleased to see many of the creative sector that have been in touch for support”

Key initiatives by Portsmouth Creates include:

  • Leveraging a team of seasoned professionals, Portsmouth Creates provides tailored support to creative businesses, ranging from securing funding to enhancing marketing, refining business plans and creative sustainability
  • Through its dynamic online platform, Portsmouth Creates facilitates access to vital resources and networking opportunities, empowering creative businesses to thrive in the digital age.
  • Portsmouth Creates organises a diverse array of events and workshops designed to foster knowledge-sharing, and collaboration within the creative community.
  • Through initiatives like We Create Markets and Curating Spaces, Portsmouth Creates provides local creatives with platforms to showcase and market their products, contributing to the vibrant cultural landscape of Portsmouth.
  • By forging strategic partnerships with key stakeholders including Arts Council England, Portsmouth City Council, Victorious Festival, Portsmouth University and other organisations and institutions, Portsmouth Creates aims to amplify its impact and reach within the community.

As Portsmouth Creates continues to champion the growth and vitality of the creative and cultural sector, the organisation remains steadfast in its commitment to nurturing talent and growth, fostering collaboration, and celebrating the broad landscape of creativity that defines Portsmouth.

If you would like to find out how we can support your work visit our sector support page or email info@portsmouthcreates.co.uk